I took The Foundation with Sandra and this class allowed me to look at the world with my child’s eyes again, where I believed everything was possible. Just a few months after the class I perceived much more joy in my life, much more opportunities arise and I am changing everything that was not working for me.

And my Maestro session with Sandra was amazing. I could perceive that the molecules in my body were dancing a very lively song. I have begun to recognize all power that I can be and since then I have completely changed my life.

Fabiana Borges

In a very light way, The Foundation took down a rigid structure of functioning that I had, opening a space to recognize the infinite possibilities that are available. Having chosen Sandra Piedade as a facilitator was essential to my transformation.

Luana Borges

What an Infinite Light Being Sandra Piedade is! With her I experienced The Foundation with understanding and awareness flowing magically through the dance of her fingers, her body, eyes, smile and present being. How much presence! How much magic! How much light!
I am grateful, I am grateful, I am very grateful!

Nelson Milguel

Having taken The Foundation with Sandra Piedade was a magical moment in my life. If I try to express myself, I will not be able to qualify or quantify it. It was something extraordinary. If I said it was a fullness I might come close.

Alexsandra F. de SOUZA

The Foundation Class with Sandra was fantastic! It exceeded my expectations and expanded my awareness in a way that I truly did not expect!! All the body processes and tools introduced during the class helped me process and release many content and beliefs that have long bothered me. And Sandra is an outstanding facilitator, always keen to convey all her knowledge and also to help us absorb and incorporate with ease and ease the philosophy of Access Counsciousness!

Ricardo Sato

Sandra is a sensitive and powerful facilitator who has contributed a lot to my process within Access Consciousness. She was able to perceive limitations that still persisted in my life and enabled me to make choices that brought me incredible changes …
Their classes always bring high doses of expansion of consciousness and pure joy!!

Daniela Morita

Meeting Sandra was a gift from the Universe for me to see myself as I am and receive everything with ease, joy and glory!

Celisa Meneses

Sandra Piedade is a super special facilitator, welcomes us with a warming embrace. Her energy leads us to a space of transformation and much expansion! Sandra is a Being of Light, a gift in my life and that has much to contribute!

Luciane Gurian