You may be aware that your outer beauty is the reflection of your inner balance.

What if you also knew that you can revolutionize your appearance while transforming your inner Self, rebalancing all areas of your life?

Access Energetic Facelift® provides this to you!

It is about an unprecedented process with the activation of more than 29 energies that reach the entire molecular system, without the use of any chemistry or instruments, and promote a dynamic internal and external transformation, with a sensation of relaxation and lightness throughout the body, notoriously in the facial expression.
After each application it is possible to observe:

  • The skin of the face becomes more luminous, soft and with more vigor;
  • Greater energy and vitality in the body;
  • Reduction of wrinkles, lines and swellings;
  • The jaw, eyebrows, neck, breasts and the body as a whole get lifted and firm;
  • Reduction of skin pigmentation;
  • Cleansing of inflamed, irritated and stained areas of the skin of the face;
  • Improved vision;
  • Greater mental clarity

Much more than a cosmetic process, the Access Energetic Facelift® process will give you more energy, balance and clarity, and the results (in some people) can be noticed right after the 1st session.

Sessions also include verbal processes to help you change your perspective on your age and aging, helping to reduce your self-criticism, disappointment, and the expectation of aging in a paradigm of loss, limitation, and disability. Are you open to letting go of some of your points of view about your age and recovering a good relationship with your body? So this process is for you.

Because the technique uses a finalization method that prevents the old patterns from re-housing in the body, after twenty (20) sessions, the rejuvenation obtained tends to become permanent.