Lack of conscious communication with your body keeps you imprisoned and you work through feelings, thoughts and emotions of this reality instead of the infinite perceiving, knowing, being and receiving that are inherent to you.

By receiving a session when Access Consciousness® processes, subtle touches and energy are used, it is possible to free the body from the trauma and drama experienced and all the burden accumulated over years and past lives, such as pains, memories, false beliefs, illnesses and all sorts of limitation. The power of your body is returned to you, rescuing the Infinite Being that you are. Free, you start to create your life from a different place and with much more easy.

You can choose sessions as Access Bars®, Body Processes, Facelift; Symphony of Possibilities (ESB-SOP); Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment – ESSE ( where fascias are moved, bringing movement and lightness back to the body) as well as other resources chosen accordingly to the energy required at that moment to reach what you desire.

ESB/SOP sessions can be provided online.

It is recommended that, along with the session, you participate in some of the classes or workshops offered, which will help to achieve better results.


“When you change the way you connect with your body, all your reality changes. Allow yourself to be the unique catalyst of change that can transform the planet”.

Gary Douglas founder of Access Consciousness Website