The Foundation of Access Consciousness with Sandra Piedade

Is it the time for you to start living your life your way and materialize everything you´ve always wanted? Did you know you are a powerful being, able to express whatever you want, just releasing from lies and veils of this reality?

The foundation establishes a platform to create a different reality for you, where you begin to untie limitations starting from the ones that have worked, and therefore, you recognize and use your power of creation.

For every limitation is needed that it is working under a form of anti-conscious or unawareness .

At the Foundation you will start to recognize point of views around you and that you can change them from your choices. You will no longer be under the effects of that reality.

Moreover, this class brings hundreds of tools, including body processes extracted from the 3 days body class. Theses processes are simple, but dynamic and very effective. ( MTVSS, MBB, DMMD among them). A great gift you can give yourself. The Universe has delivered, now you just have to get it.
If you could choose anything, what would that be?

Are you ready to recognize the potency you are?

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São Paulo - SP - Brazil - 26 at 29 Sept 2019

The Foundation of Access Consciousness with Sandra Piedade

São Paulo – SP – Brazil

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