Access Bars Class with Sandra Piedade

“If you could have anything you desire as your life, what would it be? What areas of your life would you like to have change? What’s okay in your life right now, maybe even good, that you would like to be even better? And, what if creating the life you truly desire in ALL areas is available and possible and not as hard as might you think?”

Welcome to the Access Consciousness® Bars Class!

Access Bars are 32 points in the head that, when gently touched, release memories, points of view, judgements and all sort of limitation. Being free, you start to run your life from a space that allows you possibilities to create what you have dreamed about and don’t believe it’s possible with easy, joy and glory.

In this class you will learn how to “run” the bars, what they are related to, and so many other tools to use in your daily life. And… this is just the beginning! Access Bars have truly changed the life of million people.

All materials are included as a graphic to support your practice with easy.

There is so much more available. There is so much more that’s possible! Come and play!

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Atibaia - SP - Brazil - May 5th, 2019

Access Bars with Sandra Piedade and Simone Sodré

Espaço Sirius – Atibaia – SP – Brazil

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