I was looking for being perfect and accepted, to have a place in my own life. Judgments have always been available to me. Today there is no longer reason for so much effort … The more my barriers are knocked over and I get into a space of vulnerability, the more I recognize who I am, my gifts and abilities; the more I expand and get inspired to create with ease. Right Voice For You was a great contribution for me to reach this place. I am very willing to be the invitation for you to be in this place too, if you choose.

Sandra Piedade

The Right Voice for You is a workshop that aims to help people do something greater, to expose their ideas and be who they really are without worrying about what others will think about it. The participant is motivated to take possession of his own gifts and abilities, his own voice, to achieve more facilities, whether on stage, in meeting rooms, in writing, in art or in conversations with friends and family. These are the choices you can make on the stage of your life.

The Right Voice For You is a vehicle to explore your creativity, communication, authenticity, your receiving and more. Exploring and unveiling the areas in which you remain small or hidden, this workshop invites you to step out of your story and create your magnificent life.


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