Joy of Business provides you tools to improve the work place, the culture, the way people relate to one another, to increase the productivity and clear things on the way.” Sandra Piedade

You, as the majority of people, think in business as something stressful, a hard daily battle, an obligation that is not part of your personal life with no possibility of joy? What if this is a lie that you have bought as truth and does not contribute to you?

The Joy of Business class provides you dynamic tools that are different from everything you have been introduced to and you can use them at your company, business and life in general. If you could expand your businesses with easy, what would you choose? Know that it is more simple than you imagine.

Create the Joy of Business!!

Simone Milasas says that Joy of Business it is not to start something extremely joyful. It’s about knowing that the choices you make can work or not, yet you are willing and has the courage to keep going on, and do whatever it takes to create a different reality in your business and life. It’s about the creation of a harmonious system that daily allows to show there is a reality beyond the reality of your projects.

Yet, many people think that once they take a decision, they can not change it with no loss. Actually, we are talking about something that is the opposite.

Joy of Business is about the willingness to ask questions, to change your point of view, to choose what you haven’t chosen before, receive contribution and b e the authority of what you know. Our target is to inspire and invite you to an adventure called life!

Outra point of view is that happier people have more fun, create more to their lifes and have more lucrative and prosperous business due to a a little secret we know…


So, having this small secret weapon on hand, we are creating and sharing tools and resources for you to achieve exactly that!