What would it be like to be more aware of this reality, about the imprisoning beliefs and what seems real but is not, and be truly free to create your life beyond what you think is possible?

The Access Foundation Class® provides you that. It’s a full four days of complete immersion in processes and tools that will undo your belief systems, lies in disguise, limitations, fears and insecurities and everything that prevents you from being detached from the reality of other people, allowing yourself to be more who you are.

You will receive the package tools that you lack for your day-to-day life, whether in relation to yourself or your clients, family and friends. We make several verbal processes capable of undoing the energetic nodes of any situation and which can be used later, at any time. Themes like money, health, soul, entities, happiness, energy, relationships, intimacy and more are all part of the fun.

The Foundation still counts on some processes from the Access 3-Day Body Class®, such as: MTVSS – which treats the body as a whole, specifically the immune system; BMM – Biomimetic mimicry, by which you assimilate the ways, truths and pains of other people (and that does not work for you); and Cellular Memory – where the original memory of the cell is recovered, returning the body to its fullness. All of these processes are applicable to anyone and can be added to your daily tools.

And you do not have to have a problem to attend the class. It’s not just about solving problems. It’s about accessing a whole new and different Universe in your life.

When the veils of this reality begin to fall apart, you begin to realize who you truly be: Magical and Potent.

You will begin to identify a sense of peace, ease, gratitude, and awareness, and you can make the choices you really desire. At the end you will receive your certificate and you are ready to pick up other flights, any you wish.

It is worth remembering that The Foundation is, along with other classes, a requirement to participate in advanced classes with Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, as well as to maintain the Access Bars® Facilitator license.

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It’s a 4 day course in a row, from 9h to 18h.

Prerequisite: Access Bars® Course

Hope to see you in one of the classes!

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