The Access® Bar Class lasts approximately 9 hours. Each class includes:

  • Follow-up by a Certified Facilitator;
  • Clearing of blockages that appear throughout the day;
  • Display of a DVD with demonstration of the technique;
  • Receipt and Practice of two sessions of Barras;
  • Manual containing everything you need to know about the Bars, the sessions and how to start your business;
  • A Chart to guide you through your private sessions;
  • Internationally recognized certificate;
  • Coffee-break, welcome and fun.

At the end, you will be an Access Bars® Practitioner and will be able to offer sessions to others.

Many people decide to create their own business with this powerful and gentle tool, or increase what already exists, adding more to their repertoire. Learning the technique does not require previous experience or specific training, and can occur at any age. It is strongly recommended to teachers, psychologists, therapists and caches in general.

If you have always known there is something different from this reality in which we live, is it now the time for you to know something new?

The value of the investment is fixed by Access® and there will be a 50% discount for the repeating class as well as for teens between 16 and 17 years old. Children up to the age of 15, accompanied by a paying adult, will receive the class free of charge.

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