I´ve been thinking how to describe the SOP (Symphony of Possibilities) and, in a matter of fact, I always find something indefinable. How would you define magic, transmuting energy (sometimes intense, sometimes calm and subtle, although always powerful) healing, something that dissolves your barriers…? Well, it would be possible to start from these words, but the SOP is much more than that… it goes beyond what I can describe.

It is about a subtle and conscious alignment between the facilitator and the client, where the defense barriers, the judgement and points of view are lowered, and all energy available can find a way into the universe of the client and, from there, the possibility to dissolve mindlocks, beliefs, memories, stories, traumas, aches, etc are opened.
SOP is an energy dance through all the body, following the energy music that is presented in every moment…; and everything happens with potency, dynamism and flow. It is also possible to treat a specific point. change can be felt immediately or after a few days. The client starts noticing and recognizing his potential, magic and vivacity, more presence and less barriers between him and the Universe. It is not only about solving problems, but also about creating the life you have always wanted.

Are you willing to recognize yourself as you truly are?

Are you aware of your potential and of who you really are or do you keep trying to be other self, believing you are not good enough, that you can´t make it, that you have difficulties to learn, that you are afraid of being seen, that you will not bare other´s judgments?

It might seem foolish, but how many times did you refrain from putting an idea into practice because as soon as you had it, you exterminated it with your own judgement of not being good enough?

However, you are much more potent that you imagine, and what others will say about what you create is only “an interesting point of view” that they have, an not necessarily a truth or a lie. Getting involved in this point of view is refraining from creating your life and your future, is not to be  truly committed to your living, and everything drifts from thoughts, judgements and conclusions of people that have no idea of who you are, neither of your moment, your conscious and vice versa. Every Being is unique and what others think or say are interesting points of view and nothing else.Therefore, they should not affect your choices.

When you live your life seeing everything as an interesting point of view you stop creating limitation, beliefs, judgments and so one, and you become more and more free. According to Gary Douglas, Access Consciousness founder, if you are willing to recognize, during an year, that every point of view you have about anything is only an  interesting point of view, you will no longer have any point of view about anything and you will be free… and light.

How would your life be if you chose TO BE totally you and by you, being aware that every point of view is only  an interesting point of view?

ACCESS BARS® is a set of 32 points in your head that, when gently touched, stimulates a positive change in the brain and breaks down the electromagnetic components of stress, thoughts and emotions.

This  noninvasive soft technique works to set free mental and physical blocks that are stored in you body and helps to ease different areas of your life.

Since I got to know the Bars in 2013 and started to work with them in São Paulo in 2015, I promoted and followed up with many positive results. In just few sessions, sometimes even with only one session, it was possible to remove barriers established for years and witness acute improvement in clients with the most various matters, such as fibromyalgia, anxiety, sleeping issues, ADD, chronic pain among others.

Recently, Dr. Dain Heer and Dr. Terrie Hope have spoken in the video about the effects of the ACCESS BARS® in cases of anxiety and depression.

Check it out! It is a ground-breaking energetic technology, able to rewrite the story of  your life, if you choose to do it so.

Contact us about ACCESS BARS® sessions and courses, available everywhere in Brazil.

In our culture we were never told that we can choose an then change our minds.  The trend has always been that we need to choose right , otherwise, a lot of our life will be compromised. That is how we choose our course in college, the outfit for a party, where to go, what to create, the partner to get married and so on.

However, we often imprison ourselves in a choice believing it is not possible or it is too hard to change, that the consequences would be countless….. how can I do it, what would people say… etc. I know people that, just before getting married knew they wouldn’t be happy, but because invitations had been sent, carried on anyway. In fact, it is common to make a choice and carry on hoping that everything will be alright. Isn’t it?

On the other hand, how it would be to choose every moment? Would  you feel more freedom being aware that no choice is good for more than 10 seconds? In other words, if you could make a choice, and then other, and again, changing at every moment? When we believe that we need to make the right choices many judgements are made. Otherwise,when we know we don’t have the obligation to be right, and that everything can be changed, would we live lightly?

We spend our life trying to get to the right conclusion, to the right place and, this way, we take from ourselves the possibility to have total choice.

But if you had only 10 seconds to live your life, what would you choose?

When you live in increments of 10 seconds, your life becomes more joyful and you, more free, creative and happy.