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Your body is your unconscious mind and it gets used to certain situations and repeats them, even if you do not exactly desire it. For you to have the bridles in your hands you need to be conscious and really make constant choices. Changing a pattern of behavior beyond choice, you will need to beat […]

Self-Esteem – the Path of Creation

For some time now I have been asking myself what it takes to actually go beyond this reality. After observing the energy for a while, I noticed there are some crucial steps that can be very fast for this. One of them (if not the main one), is to recognize self-worth, to have self-esteem, to […]

Symphony of Possibilities – SOP

I´ve been thinking how to describe the SOP (Symphony of Possibilities) and, in a matter of fact, I always find something indefinable. How would you define magic, transmuting energy (sometimes intense, sometimes calm and subtle, although always powerful) healing, something that dissolves your barriers…? Well, it would be possible to start from these words, but […]

Be Yourself!

Are you aware of your potential and of who you really are or do you keep trying to be other self, believing you are not good enough, that you can´t make it, that you have difficulties to learn, that you are afraid of being seen, that you will not bare other´s judgments? It might seem […]

ACCESS BARS® X Anxiety and Depression

ACCESS BARS® is a set of 32 points in your head that, when gently touched, stimulates a positive change in the brain and breaks down the electromagnetic components of stress, thoughts and emotions. This  noninvasive soft technique works to set free mental and physical blocks that are stored in you body and helps to ease […]


In our culture we were never told that we can choose an then change our minds.  The trend has always been that we need to choose right , otherwise, a lot of our life will be compromised. That is how we choose our course in college, the outfit for a party, where to go, what […]