Your body is your unconscious mind and it gets used to certain situations and repeats them, even if you do not exactly desire it. For you to have the bridles in your hands you need to be conscious and really make constant choices.

Changing a pattern of behavior beyond choice, you will need to beat old habits, get out of your comfort zone where everything happens by itself, automatically. It is about breaking the habit of being yourself to give path to a new, conscious Being that you are.

Getting out of the comfort zone is not always easy, because your body, used to the standards, will do everything possible to keep you in the old mode, even as a “protection” factor; it is as if the cells say: ”One has been like this all life, and now it’s different?” “No! We are going to take care of it, to keep what we already know and so we’ll be protecting him or her.” This seems insane, illogical, but that’s exactly how it happens.You really have to choose to change and adopt new habits, new stimulus, and overcome the resistance of your body. Indeed, when you wake up in the morning and do exactly the same things the day before (check facebook, whatsApp, take a shower thinking you have to take breakfast, take breakfast thinking you need to go to work, go to work thinking about another story, you do not create any room for something different to happen, and everything will be repeated, including your plans and desires for changing, without anything actually showing up. It may seem challenging, but soon your body will obey and will receive your new mind, for the creation of a present (future), much greater than you have experienced so far.

All this movement will be very enjoyable when you realize that it is possible and that magic begins to happen in your life (and I call magic the synchronicities, the gifts that you will begin to receive from the Universe, the invitation that you wish and unexpectedly arrives, the business that you easily accomplish, a loved one that comes to you and you did not even know her (him) before. And, the more you notice these events, the more you can open yourself to more of it, and more ease you can create. Life will be much more fun, as it really can and should be.

To learn more about it, you can have a look at the material and work provided by Dr. Joe Dispensa, as in the book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself,” where you can even find exercises for your daily practice. Enjoy!