I´ve been thinking how to describe the SOP (Symphony of Possibilities) and, in a matter of fact, I always find something indefinable. How would you define magic, transmuting energy (sometimes intense, sometimes calm and subtle, although always powerful) healing, something that dissolves your barriers…? Well, it would be possible to start from these words, but the SOP is much more than that… it goes beyond what I can describe.

It is about a subtle and conscious alignment between the facilitator and the client, where the defense barriers, the judgement and points of view are lowered, and all energy available can find a way into the universe of the client and, from there, the possibility to dissolve mindlocks, beliefs, memories, stories, traumas, aches, etc are opened.
SOP is an energy dance through all the body, following the energy music that is presented in every moment…; and everything happens with potency, dynamism and flow. It is also possible to treat a specific point. change can be felt immediately or after a few days. The client starts noticing and recognizing his potential, magic and vivacity, more presence and less barriers between him and the Universe. It is not only about solving problems, but also about creating the life you have always wanted.

Are you willing to recognize yourself as you truly are?