For some time now I have been asking myself what it takes to actually go beyond this reality. After observing the energy for a while, I noticed there are some crucial steps that can be very fast for this. One of them (if not the main one), is to recognize self-worth, to have self-esteem, to like oneself, to love oneself, to do what you like, in short, to be You without worries or points of view, without the expectation of being accepted by others.

It was also interesting that at the end of last year I was happy to meet Amma (of the hug), and I was surprised when she began to say that what makes her sad is that people go to her to say that they do not like themselves, they do not think they are enough, they judge themselves and feel inadequate, and that was the biggest blockage a person could have. Wow!! This was a sign that I was on the right track; that is, the solution of your life is not in the other person, in other things, in therapies, but in yourself. Loving yourself is the way to your releasing. Of course, we have received many contributions and tools that help us with self-esteem, and all should be experienced as they can be a contribution, although it is really up to each of us to choose to look inside, find where the blockage, limitation or belief is and, indeed, choose to dissolve this knot that prevents achievement. At that moment, accessing the appropriate tool and being assisted by someone who knows how to use it will make all the difference and the results will be dynamic.

There are endless tips in several online universes that may draw your attention to this subject, such as: do not compare yourself to anyone, forget the past, stop judging yourself, recognize your talents etc. You can start your daily exercise like this. Nevertheless, I suggest something more consistent and directed so that you, in fact, will be able to turn the little key that will disconnect you from the past in order to live the present (and future) that you have always wanted.

By the way, some days ago was Easter and I received many messages wishing me happiness, prosperity, joyful life, renewal … So I take that energy to wish you a deep look at yourself, with the choice to know yourself more, to really dissolve the nodes that keep you from having the prosperous, renewed and magical life you dream of. The Universe is abundant and holds a deep love for you and will offer you all the support to get where to choose to go, with total ease and fluidity.

If you would like to know more about the subject and get more tips and information about it, and specific tools to increase your self-esteem, contact us. It will be a pleasure to create with you!

Happy Self-Esteem and Renewal.

Sandra Piedade