In our culture we were never told that we can choose an then change our minds.  The trend has always been that we need to choose right , otherwise, a lot of our life will be compromised. That is how we choose our course in college, the outfit for a party, where to go, what to create, the partner to get married and so on.

However, we often imprison ourselves in a choice believing it is not possible or it is too hard to change, that the consequences would be countless….. how can I do it, what would people say… etc. I know people that, just before getting married knew they wouldn’t be happy, but because invitations had been sent, carried on anyway. In fact, it is common to make a choice and carry on hoping that everything will be alright. Isn’t it?

On the other hand, how it would be to choose every moment? Would  you feel more freedom being aware that no choice is good for more than 10 seconds? In other words, if you could make a choice, and then other, and again, changing at every moment? When we believe that we need to make the right choices many judgements are made. Otherwise,when we know we don’t have the obligation to be right, and that everything can be changed, would we live lightly?

We spend our life trying to get to the right conclusion, to the right place and, this way, we take from ourselves the possibility to have total choice.

But if you had only 10 seconds to live your life, what would you choose?

When you live in increments of 10 seconds, your life becomes more joyful and you, more free, creative and happy.