Are you aware of your potential and of who you really are or do you keep trying to be other self, believing you are not good enough, that you can´t make it, that you have difficulties to learn, that you are afraid of being seen, that you will not bare other´s judgments?

It might seem foolish, but how many times did you refrain from putting an idea into practice because as soon as you had it, you exterminated it with your own judgement of not being good enough?

However, you are much more potent that you imagine, and what others will say about what you create is only “an interesting point of view” that they have, an not necessarily a truth or a lie. Getting involved in this point of view is refraining from creating your life and your future, is not to be  truly committed to your living, and everything drifts from thoughts, judgements and conclusions of people that have no idea of who you are, neither of your moment, your conscious and vice versa. Every Being is unique and what others think or say are interesting points of view and nothing else.Therefore, they should not affect your choices.

When you live your life seeing everything as an interesting point of view you stop creating limitation, beliefs, judgments and so one, and you become more and more free. According to Gary Douglas, Access Consciousness founder, if you are willing to recognize, during an year, that every point of view you have about anything is only an  interesting point of view, you will no longer have any point of view about anything and you will be free… and light.

How would your life be if you chose TO BE totally you and by you, being aware that every point of view is only  an interesting point of view?