ACCESS BARS® is a set of 32 points in your head that, when gently touched, stimulates a positive change in the brain and breaks down the electromagnetic components of stress, thoughts and emotions.

This  noninvasive soft technique works to set free mental and physical blocks that are stored in you body and helps to ease different areas of your life.

Since I got to know the Bars in 2013 and started to work with them in São Paulo in 2015, I promoted and followed up with many positive results. In just few sessions, sometimes even with only one session, it was possible to remove barriers established for years and witness acute improvement in clients with the most various matters, such as fibromyalgia, anxiety, sleeping issues, ADD, chronic pain among others.

Recently, Dr. Dain Heer and Dr. Terrie Hope have spoken in the video about the effects of the ACCESS BARS® in cases of anxiety and depression.

Check it out! It is a ground-breaking energetic technology, able to rewrite the story of  your life, if you choose to do it so.

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